50 acres

total land area

20 acre lake


14 lots

from .76 - 4.8 acres

$50 million +

potential building development

Project Overview

Developer Darrel Viereck has plans to develop a 50 acre plot of land off of Interstate 90 in Brandon, SD. 27 acres will be used for commercial development and 20 acres will used to create a lake. The new development will be called Brandon 90 Plaza. Early plans for this upscale commercial development include a hotel, theater, bank, grocery store and possible community/event center.

Building is estimated to begin in one to two years. When completed, it’s likely there will be more than $50 million worth of buildings on the property. Current plans show the land being divided into 14 lots ranging from .76 - 4.8 acres.

The proposed lake will be created on the east side of the property. In order to bring the land out of the flood plain, over 450,000 yards of sand will be moved to the west side of the lot. The completed lake will be 18 feet deep and stocked with fish. It will feature a one-mile trail around its perimeter and may include a future park and connect to the golf course.

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proposed brandon 90 plaza map


Brandon 90 Plaza will be located on the north side of Brandon at the intersection of Interstate 90 and Splitrock Boulevard/Highway 11. Daily traffic volume is:

  • I-90 West of Exit 406: 25,200
  • I-90 East of Exit 406: 17,400
  • Splitrock Boulevard: 13,300
  • Projected 2045 Splitrock Boulevard: 23,500

Source: SDDOT


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